Dement Publishes Study Book on Revelation

Pocahontas, Ark. — A gospel preacher from northeast Arkansas has published a new study of the book of Revelation.

Be Thou Faithful: A Textual and Topical Study of Revelation was published on September 20, 2023. Joshua Dement says this work is a compilation of the notes he has used in preaching and teaching the book of Revelation over the course of 20 years at three congregations.

“I began studying Revelation in 2006 when asked some questions I could not answer by a class of teenage boys,” Dement said. “That study ended up leading to me teaching Revelation to that class.”

Later, while preaching for the church at Noland, Arkansas, he was approached about teaching Revelation and spent over a year preaching through the book on Sunday nights in the form of an oral commentary.

“I have since taught the book in two other congregations where I have served. Each time I taught I would study additional sources, review and sometimes rewrite my notes, and come to a deeper appreciation for the book of Revelation,” he said.

“A few months back after completing a study of the book at Pyburn Street I began to look at all of the notes I had compiled and started initially to prepare them into an easier format for my personal use, but several people encouraged me to publish my research and Be Thou Faithful is the result.”

The book contains information from many different sources as well as his own personal comments on each verse of the book of Revelation. It also contains several sermons he has preached to supplement the study.

“In my opinion one of the best tools included in the book are the glossary and index of symbolic meanings,” Dement said.

He is excited that the work has been completed, and is available in both paperback and ebook.

“My hope is that it will aid Christians in coming to a deeper understanding and appreciation for this great book and will dispel many of the false doctrines that have originated from misinterpreting the symbolic language used,” he said.

Be Thou Faithful is available at Amazon or by contacting the author directly. Dement currently preaches for the Pyburn Street church of Christ in Pocahontas, Arkansas.

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