The Word of God does not change.

It is all-sufficient, and holds all the wisdom and instruction for the Lord’s people to be pleasing to Him. Principles taught in the New Testament show us how to conduct ourselves in the house of God, the church (1 Timothy 3:15). These principles have not changed.

In our present time, as in decades past, the church is facing pressure from the world to adopt their ways and customs.

This change that is being called for is not just coming from those who blatantly disregard the scriptures, but also from those who tacitly approve of the change agents by remaining quiet on the issues at hand. These worldly customs and traditions are being promoted by prominent congregations and news services that purport to speak for the church, but instead champion progressivism and “go along to get along” concepts. Their deeds and departures are glorified and publicized, while faithful congregations are relegated to the sidelines. 

The Gospel Guardian is a church of Christ news site established on the principle that God’s Word has not changed, and therefore neither should the worship, work, and leadership of the church.

Certainly the methods of getting the gospel out to a lost and dying world can and should change to confront the culture, but the basic principles of the Lord’s church as revealed in the scriptures cannot. Therefore, The Gospel Guardian commits itself to giving voice to the faithful congregations of the Lord’s people holding fast to the faith that was “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). We have no connection with any institution or publication of the past, but only the Lord’s church.

Are we biased? Absolutely!

Make no mistake, the publisher and editor of this news service has extensive experience in the field of journalism. With several years of working for a daily, and five years of owning and operating a newspaper, the publisher understands the dangers of bias. However, bias is only dangerous when one is biased toward the opinions and traditions of men. When one is biased toward the principles of God, then one is on solid ground.

We ask you to join us in this mission.

We do not seek to alienate anyone, and our desire is to speak the truth in love. Nevertheless, we will not bend on the principles of faith found in the New Testament, and the code of leadership, worship, and work contained therein.

If you believe that unity is found not in progressivism, but in faithful adherence to the scriptures, then you share our mission.

We need you! We need your readership, your input, and your support through donations to expand this work. Most of all, we need your prayers. Pray that The Gospel Guardian can be a tool for the Lord Most High and His church, that the kingdom may be expanded, and that the truth may be defended among His people. If you share this desire, please share this website with fellow Christians, and support this effort in every way you can. May God bless the work ahead!

About the Publisher/Editor

Matthew Keedy Clifton has been a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years, serving churches in Arkansas and Mississippi, and has preached in several states. He has a Master of Divinity degree with a focus in ministerial leadership from Amridge University in Montgomery, Alabama. In his early twenties he spent three years working for a daily newspaper in Forrest City, Arkansas, where he won awards for journalism and photography, and created one of the first newspaper websites in the state. He left when he and his wife Darcy moved to Tennessee to own and operate their own county newspaper, which they did successfully for five years. He began preaching regularly in 2003, and has been a full-time minister since 2006. For the last 13 years he has published Bulletin Digest, a publication that has provided the church with church bulletin materials for over 43 years. He is the author of 52 Reasons to Rise and Sermon Tree Volume 1, a volume of sermon materials. Currently he preaches for the Judsonia Church of Christ in Judsonia, Arkansas.