Alabama Preacher’s Home Destroyed by Fire

Piedmont, Ala. — An Alabama preacher’s family is in need following an early Saturday morning fire that destroyed their home and belongings. 

David Stafford and his family were awakened by the sound of tires on their family car exploding as fire was engulfing their home. Thankfully the entire family was able to escape. Unfortunately a family kitten is believed to have been lost in the fire, along with all their belongings.

The tragedy unfolded in Piedmont, Alabama, where Stafford serves as minister with the Piedmont church of Christ. Along with their home, the family also lost both vehicles. Insurance is expected to cover the home and one of the vehicles, but the other car only had liability coverage due to it being an older model Stafford used in his local work. 

Temporary housing is being provided by the elders at Piedmont.

Stafford is a 2017 graduate of Memphis School of Preaching. He and his wife have two children, and they are having a hard time adjusting after the fire. Please keep them all in your prayers.

If you would like to help this family, contact the Piedmont church of Christ which is located at 105 Memorial Drive, Piedmont, AL 36272. Cedartown church of Christ at 326 East Avenue, Cedartown, GA 30125 is also collecting funds.

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